Glossary of Words Used in Electrotechnolgy DC

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This is a glossary of words used in this course. Your job is to add your words and, or your definitions. 

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a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system


A basis element of all things. Consist of electrons and neutrons.


The smallest component of a molecule



Is the equivalent of an ampere-second


Rate of flow of electricity.

Like water flowing through pipes, the rate of flow must be the same at all points along a path. If there are branches the flow is divided among the branches and the path of least resistance carries the most current. 

Get your head around this concept. Not knowing this will fuck you up for so many other things. Learn how t measure it in all parts of a circuit. Sleep with it under your pillow if you have to. Understanding Voltage and Current will give you Power.

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