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Amortisseur winding

A squirrel-cage winding placed near the surface of the pole faces of a synchronous motor. Its main purpose is to dampen any speed fluctuations that may occur as a result of sudden load changes. It is also used to accelerate the motor during starting. As the rotating field moves past the winding it induces currents in the winding which produce torque and accelerate the motor.


  • The portion of a motor, generator or alternator, that carries the main or AC current.
  • The moving part of a solenoid or relay.


a combining form meaning “self,” “same,” “spontaneous,” used in the formation of compound words:


Centrifugal Switch

A centrifugal switch is an electric switch that operates using the centrifugal force created from a rotating shaft.



Oscillate about a desired speed, position, or state

Hysteresis motor

Hysteresis motor is defined as a synchronous motor that is having cylindrical rotor and works on hysteresis losses induced in the rotor of hardened steel with high retentivity. It is a single phase motor and its rotor is made of ferromagnetic material with non magnetic support over the shaft.

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1. Interpoles are used in DC Machines to reduce the effect of armature reaction and self induction, mainly in winding at commutators,of DC motors.
2. Interpoles are connected in series with armature winding so that as the armature current changes the flux due to interpoles chances accordingly.
3. Interpoles are temporary magnets,generally placed in between two consecutive poles.



Moving. but doing the same thing at the same time.
Think; synchronized swimming. 



a transformer that is shaped like a donut.


shaped like a donut.

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