Quiz sheet for power factor improvment

What type of power does a wattmeter indicate?

A) True R.M.S Power

B) Average power

C) Reactive power

D) Apparent power


If a choke coil replaces a resistor in an a.c. circuit and the same current is maintained, what would happen to the power consumption of the circuit?

A) The power consumption would decrease.

B) The power consumption would increase

C) The apparent power would decrease

D) Chokes do not affect power consumption


In an a.c. circuit containing resistance and capacitance in parallel, what would cause the phase angle to increase? 

A) Decreased resistance

B) Increased resistance

C) decreased capacitance

D) adding inductance


If the inductance of a parallel circuit containing a resistor was reduced, what effect would this have on the power factor?

A) Power factor would decrease

B) Power factor would increase

C) Power factor would not change

D) This question is too hard


What would happen to the power factor of a fluorescent lamp circuit if a capacitor was connected in parallel with the lamp circuit?

A) Power factor would improve 

B) Power factor would decrease

C) It would result in higher current

D) The circuit breaker would trip.


When capacitors are used to improve the power factor of an inductive load, what happens to the total power consumed by the load?

A) Nothing

B) power consumption increases due to increased power factor

C) power consumption decreases because of increased power factor

D) Sorry.... What was the question again?


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