Quiz sheet for complex circuits

If the series resistor became open circuit in a simple series-parallel circuit, the circuit current would:

A) drop to zero because of the break in the circuit current path.

B) be limited by the equivalent resistance of the parallel combination

C) decrease to the current taken by the parallel combination.

D) increase to the current taken by the parallel combination


If a short circuit occurs in a parallel branch of a group of series-parallel connected resistors the:

A) total circuit resistance will decrease to zero.

B) total circuit current will increase.

C) total circuit resistance will increase

D) voltage drop across the series resistor will decrease.


Extra care must be taken when using an insulation resistance tester because of the:

A) large size of the meter

B) high output voltage of the meter

C) trouble you might get into if you break it 

D) high output current of the meter


The basic moving coil meter movement can be used to measure higher currents if used in conjunction with a:

A) shunt resistor

B) multiplier resistor

C) series resistor

D) loading resistor


An analogue multimeter is able to measure various currents because it is fitted with a suitable selector switch and:

A) shunt resistors

B) multiplier resistors

C) series resistors

D) loading resistors.


In the electrotechnology industry, the area of Instrumentation and Control covers

A) air conditioning and refrigeration

B) entertainment and communication systems

C) measurement and process systems

D) fixed wired electrical installation systems


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