Quiz sheet for effects of current

Two effects of electric current that are always present are

A) chemical and magnetic 

B) heat and physiological 

C) chemical and physiological 

D) heat and magnetic 


As more current is passed through a resistor, the heat produced by the current will

A) decrease

B) increase

C) remain the same 

D) tends to reduce the temperature to zero degrees


Heat flows from a body of a higher temperature to a body of a

A) lower temperature

B) smaller mass

C) larger mass

D) constant temperature 


Conversion of electrical energy to heat energy is the main objective in

A) motors 

B) televisions

C) stoves

D) fluorescent lamps


Two power cables, one with high resistance and the other with low resistance are considered for a particular installation. Compared to the cable with low resistance, the high resistance cable will have a

A) higher voltage drop and lower current carrying capacity

B) lower voltage drop and higher current carrying capacity

C) lower voltage drop and lower current carrying capacity  

D) higher voltage drop and higher current carrying capacity


Electric shock effects are governed by the value of the voltage, the current that flows, the current path through the body and the:

A) type of footwear worn

B) length of time of application.

C) health of the victim

D) moisture in the air.


A cable with a slightly smaller cross sectional area, but otherwise the same, is to replace an existing cable. The new cable will:

A) operate at a higher temperature

B) be able to carry more current

C) have the same voltage drop

D) cause a lower voltage drop


Two devices that rely on the magnetic effect of an electric current.

A) relay and electric motor

B) relay and incandescent lamp

C) incandecent lamp and electroplating

D) water heater and fax machine


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