How to Use a Ratchet Strap

How to Repair a Hole in Gyprock

How to do a Penetration in a Roof Tile

Fit and Load Test Hollow Wall Anchors

Concrete anchor failure

How to Install a Weatherproof Outlet on a Brick Wall

Use Existing Cable in a Gyprock Wall to Supply a New Outlet.

How to Fit a Batten Holder Over a Large Hole

How to fix a very short wire

Make your angle grinder blade last longer.

How to cut holes without dust and how to strip wires without dropping shit.

Making sure conduit is ok for sunlight.

Score and Snap PVC Conduit

Bending PVC Conduit with Heat and a Spring

Bending PVC Conduit without a SpringBending Conduit without a Spring

Bending PVC Conduit 360 degrees

Bending 50mm conduit with heat

Compliance testing

Transformer teardown

Turn a transformer into an autotransformer

Centrifugal Switch

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